Chris Hallberg

Featured (also * below)

Tiny Epic Galaxies, my own print-n-play based on the official prototype.

Pick A Spy, a tool for people who lie to their friends for fun.

JSON Against Humanity, finally, CAH as plain text and JSON. Now open-source.

Greed, my js1k 2017 entry.

donate-to-aclu, an npm package to donate to the ACLU.

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Best of 2016

Games for Real Life

Best of 2015

Open Source

VuFind, search and discovery systems for libraries; my 9-5.

etextbooksearch, developed for Villanova's AMP.

autocomplete.js, an autocomplete interface for web input.

word assassin, powered by Firebase and paranoia.

chex, pretty toggle labels.

zips, an npm package for looking up location/zip code pairs.

justgrid.css, 12-column grid in 429 bytes.


Tie Tac Toc, a classic with a touch of randomness.

Binary Black Jack, wordless rules for @BinaryCardGame.

[ OHKE ], a silly party game with sounds.

Pure JS Grid, smaller than justgrid.css, pure javascript.

Resize, my Ludum Dare 31 game.

js1k entries

My Toolbox

Ninite bundle, w/ my favorite tools.

For life : Pocket, DuckDuckGo, 1Password, Everything, Lightshot, MPC-HC, GifCam.

For web dev : Font Awesome, Moment.js, cssnext, tachyons.css, WTF, Forms?, Tiny Web Server.

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